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Our course offerings

Subsequent to the baccalaureate students enrol for a bachelor's degree programme covering 3 years, choosing :

  • A general bachelor's degree programme leading to Master's level. There is no automatic admission into the 2nd year of the Master's degree programme. It is open to any student with a Bac+4 diploma (baccalaureate plus a further four years of study)
  • Or a Professional Bachelor's degree for direct access to the labour market, accessible at bac +2 level (baccalaureate plus a further two years of study)

See the course offerings in economy and management

See the course offerings in sociology and anthropology

  • 30 diplomas
  • 3 general or professional bachelor's degrees (Bac +3 - baccalaureate plus a further three years of study)
  • 26 Master's degrees (Bac +5 - baccalaureate plus a further five years of study)
  • Doctorate (Bac +8 - baccalaureate plus a further eight years of study)

Most of the degrees are accessible both in initial training and continuing training courses.

Granting degrees

Graduation is conditional on obtaining a number of ECTS (European course credit transfer system) credits, 180 for a bachelor's degree, 120 for a master's degree.


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