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A wide array of openings and professions

The Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences' 30 plus training programmes offer students a comprehensive range of professions and extensive commercial opportunities, reflecting the entity's highly successful job placement initiatives.

Corporate environment

A large number of the Faculty's graduates go on to work as professional people in a corporate environment, being highly prized in all the management and administrative fields, including: human resources, finance, statistics, project management, international trade, logistics and business start-ups.

The public and quasi-public sector

Regional and local authorities, administrations, associations, non-governmental organisations (NGOs): the public and quasi-public sector takes on a huge number of the Faculty's graduates. These profiles carry out management and administrative duties in all kinds of sectors, including: health, welfare, urban planning and economic development.

Education and research

Our fully accredited training courses also prepare our graduates for the educational and research professions, particularly in the context of academia.


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