Master 2 Management of European Affairs (MEA)



Course aims

The master in Management of European Affairs (MEA) aims to train high level mobile experts, with a thorough knowledge of European institutions, economy, management processes and finance. Technical and methodological tools complete the core subjects taught. A two-day seminar in Brussels is planned to strengthen the students’ theoretical knowledge of European institutions. Finally, the students put the theory into practice by managing professional projects, undertaking an internship or writing a dissertation.

This course is designed to meet the needs of:

  • European students wishing to acquire an expertise in private or public management of European Affairs ;
  • Foreign students, coming from emerging areas (Asia, South America), wishing to obtain a better knowledge of the European Economic Area in its three dimensions : institutional, economical and managerial.

This Course will mainly be taught in English.


Students will develop the necessary skills to enable them to obtain employment in the development field as consultant, project leader for European affairs and programs, as a person in charge for a European region (development, production, marketing), parliamentary attaché , land development officer (towns, departments, regions), European events organizer… These responsible jobs can be carried out in consultancy and audit firms, private or public companies, local authorities, consular organizations, trade unions, associations ...


This is a one year, full-time course, divided in two semesters, each requiring the achievement of 30 ECTS. The course is provided by academics and practitioners (European civil servants, consultants, experts…) from September to February. Students undertake an internship in an institution or a company from Marchn 1st to August 31st. They can also choose to write a dissertation. A partnership with German universities entitles students exchange. A partnership with Irené- ESSEC Paris entitles teachers exchange in the field of negotiation in Europe.